Replacement lid for sprayers. Features an ergonomic handle.
For the first time, the popular 4-gallon Silica Slayer unit is equipped with an industry-leading five-setting variable pressure control dial. A crowd favorite, the 4-gallon Silica Slayer -...
Adapter to connect 11/16" nozzles or attachments to a SilicaSlayer® sprayer.
ComfortStraps™ provides next-level comfort when paired with our Pro-Series backpack sprayers. These durable, padded straps are covered in breathable mesh to promote air flow. A...
Replacement microswitch.  
Replacement circuit board. Epoxy sealed connections improve water resistance.
Replacement pump for sprayers. Self-priming diaphragm pump rated for up to 1,000 cycles.
Attachments that will hold a spraying wand on your sprayer.  Kit includes: 1 Top wand holster, 1 Bottom wand holster, Nuts, and bolts
Replacement strainer to prevent debris from entering the tank when pouring solutions through the intake opening.