Replacement pump inlet filter with a stainless-steel mesh for capturing debris before it reaches the pump.
Replacement cap for the drainage hole in the tank of the 9-gallon sprayers.
Secures the trolley handle to the sprayer tank for 9-gallon sprayer. Includes 2 nuts.
Replacement tank for the 4-gallon backpack sprayer.   NOTE: This is the tank only; pump and internal/external components are not included.
Replacement battery cover for 4-gallon FlowZone sprayers. The sealed design improves water resistance and increases the protection of the battery. NOTE: Battery sold separately.  ...
Replacement wheels for the 9-gallon sprayer. Includes cotter pins needed to secure wheels to the base of the sprayer tank.
Replacement brackets to secure the hose for storage for 9-gallon sprayers.
Replacement handle for 9-gallon sprayer handle.
Attachments that will hold a spraying wand on your sprayer.  Kit includes: 1 Top wand holster, 1 Bottom wand holster, Nuts, and bolts